Five years ago, since I was such a pain in the ass and didn’t feel like I fit in either the Rhode Island or the New Haven scene since I wasn’t a chunky white dude (I love you all so much) I started my own mic at a lovely basement NoLa inspired punk rock bar with an address for a name. At first the mic would have 70 audience members, there hadn’t been Comedy in New London, a town with every other sort of art, since the 70’s at that very bar. Once Joe List showed up to my mic after working the casino all weekend and I didn’t know who he was or to bump him; sorry about that for me, now I can never say he did my mic. I started running shows at different venues all over town; that’s when Sporadicomedy was born. Then I moved to NYC. I had the opportunity to book Comedy inside of the New London Winter Arts Festival caberet at 33 Golden Street and that night Escape from New York was born. I’ve been running the show almost three years now, and I’ve noticed that the New London comedy scene is growing. There are house shows, there are shows at the coffee shop I met all my ex boyfriends at, there are extremely talented young comics. They don’t need me anymore. Thanks to everyone who spent upwards of 6 hours in a car with me at varying degrees of mental stability to do a show that was sometimes packed and sometimes sparse and sometimes you made money but not much. I had SO MUCH FUN.

The last Escape from New York is July 26. The car is full but any Rhode Island, Mass, CT comics willing to drive themselves inbox me for a guest set.

Let’s burn it down real beautifully. Thank you Craig McCalister, and most of all, thank you New London.

I never wanted to be New London famous. Now I know I never will.

One day I’ll headline Garde Arts Center.

TL;DR THE LAST ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK IS AT 33 Golden St July 26 8:30 pm.